Monday, September 2, 2019

Summer Lover


Dips in a cold mountain river, plant based food cooking, wild berries, scream of marmottes, thunderstorms 3 seconds away from you, laugh, planks, acro yoga, early yoga practise each morning, falling in love with rock climbing, mountains air...Ohh, I feel that this summer is slowly leaving.

I had so much fun in the last months. I always dreamed of remote place somewhere in the nature. It's hard sometimes, I do feel lonely a little bit but it's such a pure life here. No cars, no traffic, no adds everywhere around telling you are too fat, too old or too free. No competition, no tv, no lying politicians. Pretty easy life. And I am so grateful for it!

Summers are my favourite. I absolutely love that high energy it has. But I can feel it in the wind, I can see it in the colour of slowly changing leaves, this energy is slowly dissapearing, creating space for colourful but moody autumn.

With leaving summer some new adventures are brewing. This time I am coming back to the same place in the winter which gives me a month and a half in between. If any of you have some crazy adventures and are looking for a partner, let me know. I feel that I will be heading towards my beloved Spain. But wko knows.

Much love,


looking for gold

hiking in Dolomites

cold swim

making clover syrup

I live in that small house!

my favourite bilberries

strawberry flapjacks

energy balls

berries cake

chocolate cake

ravioli times

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Magic Believer


I believe in magic. I believe in synchronicity, in things that meant to happen, in universe power and mystic unexplained stories. Without those beliefs my life would lose it's charm. I am that kind of person who likes to connect things and not call them coinsidences. If I meet a person that I know on the other side of the globe, it's not a coincidence for me, it definitely has more meaning than that.

I also like from time to time to reflect on where I am and retrack my life journey.

Since young age I always have been a person who likes trying new things, very curious about a lot of stuff. So when I left school and went exploring the world, I often found myself asking what is that makes me happy, what job, what activity that makes me want to wake up in the morning and do it. A lot of wise travellers always assured me that it is ok not to know what you want, as long as you keep on trying and keep on learning. I really believed them.

And then slowly I started to pick hobbies, activities and jobs that really made my life colourful and interesting.

When I left Sark nearly a year ago, I was quite confused and lost. And I often get these lost moments, I think they are pretty normal. I got a chalet host job quickly afterwards, without even knowing that I actually will be cooking, funny! As if Universe got something planned for me. I enjoyed it and then, again, very randonmly, I got another job, this time cooking the food that fits my moral and ethical standards.

So now I am actually getting paid to cook and experiment with plant based food. I am getting an opportunity to inspire more people and question meat and dairy industries. And I don't even need to go and protest or do other type of plant based lifestyle encouregemnet actions ( don't get me wrong, it's very very important too!). I can use my creativity in the kitchen and then enjoy it together with guests who perhaps later make changes in their lifes.

Now when I look back quite many years ago, I wouldn't have imagined doing such a job. And I am not saying that I reached the peak and now I just gonna do it all my life. No, I just really believe that without looking and exploring, I probably wouldn't be where I'm now. And all the little things that happened in my life are truly magical.

I keep on meeting so many wonderful people that keep on inspiring me a letting me grow. Feeling completely grateful for all of that.

Let everybody create magic in this world.

Sending love from high mountains,


beautiful beautiful mountains

home sprouted lentils and courgette salad

Aubergine filled with buckwheat and seasonal veg sauce

Lemon tumeric cheesecake

I'm still obsessed with mandalas!

cool house

amazing Weissensee lake

Alpine strawberries!

ha, selfie in the forest!

i love those lights!

something magical about pine trees

Nettle soup with home made oatcakes. My colleagues Becca's photo. She is so good!

Sweet potato spinach paties with beetroot ketchup. Again Becca's photo

Berries and rhubarb crumble with home made strawberry nice cream. Becca's photo. You can tell, ha!